The Department of Transport is committed to youth skills development by providing graduates with opportunities to gain work experience to complement their studies. Applications are invited for forty two (42) Internships positions from promising graduates between the ages of 18 and 35. The Internship programme will run for a period of twelve (12) months. These positions are based in Pretoria.

The Department will pay a monthly stipend according to qualification
ranging from R4035.00

Requirements: Applications must have a diploma/degree in any one of the field below:

Human Resource Management and Development

Area                 : Organisational Development
Qualification :Management Services/Work Study
Ref. No          :DOT/01
Positions       :1

Area                 : Employee Health & Wellness
Qualification  :Humanities/Social Science
Ref. No           :DOT/02
Positions        :2

Area                 : Change Management
Qualification  :Industrial Psychology
Ref. No          :DOT/03
Positions       :1

Area                 :Gender, Disability, Youth & Children
Qualification  :Humanities/Social Science
Ref. No           :DOT/04
Positions        :1

Area                 : Human Resource Development(Internal & External)
Qualification  :Human Resources Management/Human Resources Development
Ref. No          :DOT/05
Positions       :2

Area                 :Performance Management &Development
Qualification  :Human Resources Management/Human Resources Development
Ref. No           :DOT/06
Positions        :1

Area                 : HRD Administration
Qualification  :Public Administration/ Office Administration
Ref. No          :DOT/07
Positions       :1

Area                 : Finance Administration
Qualification  :Financial Accounting
Ref. No          :DOT/08
Positions       :1

Area                 :Supply Chain Management
Qualification  :Procurement/Logistical Management
Ref. No           :DOT/09
Positions        :4

Area                 : Management Accounting andBudgeting
Qualification  :Finance/Public Administration
Ref. No          :DOT/10
Positions       :2

Area                 :Public Entity Finance & ConditionalGrants
Qualification  :Public Entity Finance & Conditional Grants
Ref. No           :DOT/11
Positions        :1

Area                 :Travel and Facilities Management
Qualification  :Records Management/Public Administration/Logistics Management
Ref. No          :DOT/12
Positions       :3

Area                 :Physical Security
Qualification  :Occupational Health & Safety
Ref. No           :DOT/13
Positions        :1

Area                 :Corporate Services Admin
Qualification  :Office Management/Public Administration
Ref. No          :DOT/14
Positions       :1

Research and Innovation

Area                 :Research
Qualification  :Honours degree with Research Methodology
Ref. No           :DOT/15
Positions        :2

Public Transport Regulations

Area                 :Public Transport Regulation
Qualification  :Public  Administration /Transport Management / Project Management
Ref. No          :DOT/16
Positions       :2

Area                 :
Qualification  :Civil Engineering
Ref. No           :DOT/17
Positions        :1

Road Transport

Area                 :Road Engineering Standards
Qualification  :Civil Engineering S3 or S4
Ref. No          :DOT/18
Positions       :2

Area                 :Road Disaster Management andEnvironment
Qualification  :Disaster Management/Environmental Studies/Built Environment or equivalent qualification
Ref. No           :DOT/19
Positions        :2

Modelling and Economic Analysis

Area                 :Black Economic Empowerment
Qualification  :Public Administration/Cost Management Accounting
Ref. No          :DOT/20
Positions       :2

Internal Audit

Area                 :Internal Audit and Fraud Investigations
Qualification  :Internal Auditing/Commerce
Ref. No           :DOT/21
Positions        :2


Area                 :
Business Systems
Qualification  :
Information Technology/ System Analysis
Ref. No          :DOT/22
Positions       :2

Area                 :
Information Technology
Qualification  :
Information Technology
Ref. No           :DOT/23
Positions        :3

Rail Policy and Strategy Development

Area                 :
Rail Economic Regulation
Qualification  :Transport Economics
Ref. No          :DOT/24
Positions       :1

Area                 :Maritime Policy Development andLegislation
Qualification  :Public Policy and Research/ Economics/Maritime Transport Studies/LLB with legal drafting/ International Relations
Ref. No           :DOT/25
Positions        :1
Civil Aviation Environment and Climate Change
Area                 :Search and Rescue Administration
Qualification:Public Administration/Communications/International Relations/International Law
Ref. No          :DOT/26
Positions       :2


Enquiries: Ms Dinah Maleka, tel. (012) 309-3811

The Department of Transport is an equal opportunity representative employer. Disabled graduates are encouraged to apply.

How To Apply

Applications must be accompanied by Form Z83, and a recent updated comprehensive CV as well as certified copies of all qualifications and ID document.
NB: Candidates who previously participated in the internship programme in any Government department will NOT be considered.

The successful candidates must be willing to sign an oath of secrecy with the Department.
Applicants will be expected to avail themselves for selection interviews and assessment at
the time, date and place as determined by the Department. All appointments are subject to
the verification of educational verification of qualifications, previous experience, citizenship,
reference checks and security vetting.

Completed application forms may be addressed to:
The Department of Transport
Private Bag X193,
 Pretoria 0001
 hand delivered at the Forum Building, cnr Struben and Bosman Streets, Pretoria, for attention of Mr Phutha Mohlala, Recruitment Unit.

Closing Date: 11 October 2013